PawsitivelyMe Fitness

On 3/18/17 I decided to jump in with both feet and not only commit to my own personal health & fitness, but I became a COACH to help others with their health & fitness journeys! While I have never been fat or overweight, I've always been very critical of my body and hard on myself. 
My senior year of high school, I injured my shoulder to the extent in which I couldn’t workout, swim, dance, etc. like I had been used to. In college, I gained about 40 pounds (mostly from stress) which destroyed the remaining confidence I had left. I struggled with anxiety, food, my weight, etc. but managed to lose ~30 pounds after graduation.
When my (now) coach Jess reached out to me about becoming a coach myself, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to commit to a healthy future and shed those last few college pounds. Little did I know I would fall in love with my workouts and be more committed now than ever before to help others looking to take action in their lives! 
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