Adoption – Welcome Home Malloy!

Adoption – Welcome Home Malloy!

Cat-adoption is something that I had been considering for quite a while at this point, but was trying to be realistic about timing and being at the right place in life.While this had been my plan, we all know that things don’t always go as planned…and my cat-adoption came sooner than I had originally expected. I had recently moved to Lakewood, Colorado from New Hampshire following graduation from the University of New Hampshire in May, and was still adjusting to my new life. Adopting a cat was something that constantly crossed my mind, especially because I work from home, but knew flying to NH for Christmas might be an issue. I had convinced myself that waiting until after Christmas was my best option, but wanted to start researching shelters so I would be more knowledgeable when the time came.

Banana Split

At the end of September 2016 I decided to go on Petfinder to get an idea for the available cats near my area. Being new to Lakewood I wasn’t sure which shelter I was interested in (there are TONS surrounding me) and wanted to get a better feel for who was around and where. After browsing for a short period of time, I came across the profile for the most beautiful cat I’ve seen – gorgeous green eyes, perfect white “tuxedo” chest and the softest looking black fur. His name was Banana Split but of course I knew immediately I would name him Malloy. I just knew in my heart he was meant to come home with us…I was in love.

I waited (rather impatiently) for Dan to get home from class and showed him the profile almost immediately. As soon as he came in the door I inundated him with the information “Sweets, I found our cat”. He read the description, browsed the available pictures, looked at me calmly and said “yeah, he’s perfect”. i decided to reach out to the shelter, PawsCo, about meeting Banana Split and the next couple days went by painfully slow. I was so impatient waiting to hear back, he was all I could think about. I kept having dreams about him and I kept looking around the apartment at the toys already scattered about and the several window perches I had set up; we were ready for him!

On October 2nd I received the email Dan and I had been waiting for, the meet & greet set-up. The email gave us the option to go to his foster home at 1PM that afternoon and meet him! It also said that if following the meet & greet we decide we want to go through with the adoption, we would need to bring a travel carrier to ensure he was getting home safely. I panicked for a second, remembering the carrier I had ordered was expected in a few days and I knew I wanted him to come home ASAP…then I remembered seeing a few at Goodwill that looked clean and in good condition. Realistically, I knew this was my best option if I wanted him to come home that day, so we picked one up and scrubbed it clean in preparation for Banana Split.

The Meet & Greet

As we were getting ready to head out I checked the GPS and was shocked, but of course thrilled, that his foster home was only 15 minutes away! My heart felt so happy I thought it was going to explode! Something kept telling me that this was meant to be and that Banana Split was meant to “become” Malloy. As we pulled into the driveway I felt anxious and very excited. I began to second-guess myself and told Dan maybe we were at the wrong house, but before I could say anything else, Dan got out of the car and summoned me along.

When I rang the doorbell and saw young woman coming to the door, I began to relax and felt my anxieties go away. She opened the door to let us in and before we were completely inside, Banana Split came from around the corner and was headed right towards us.  I knew the second I saw him that he was meant to be. He was perfect! He marched over to us immediately, smelled our hands and then plopped on the floor in front of our feet looking for scratches! We made our way to the couch to discuss details with his foster mom, and I found it difficult to concentrate but made sure I payed close attention.


The entire adoption process didn’t take long at all, I think we were home (with Malloy) within an hour of leaving the apartment initially. Not only did he seem to connect with us immediately, but we felt the same and decided (along with his foster mom) that there was no need to extend our meet any further. That was that, Banana Split was coming home! We filled out the paperwork and discussed details thoroughly before we decided to grab the carrier and get him inside. He did not seem to like the carrier very much and was pretty vocal on the car ride home, but thankfully it was a short ride so we just kept telling him he was safe and would be home soon.


Welcome Home!

Banana Split, now Malloy, adapted to the apartment much better than either of us had expected. We initially opened his crate in my bathroom near his litter box to show him where it was, but he was uninterested and proceeded to explore the entire apartment on his own. He marched around the apartment as if he had a purpose or something specific he was looking for, but when he found his toys he began to loosen up. He immediately started playing with his catnip mat (as shown below) and was acting as if he had been living here his entire life! After playing for a bit, Malloy jumped up onto the couch with me and sprawled out across my lap. I started rubbing his head & ears then heard him begin to purr, so I moved down to scratch his neck which caused him to purr even louder. This cat had known us for less than three hours, let alone been home for one and was already making himself at home. Talk about meant to be!

Malloy has been home for three weeks at this point and it feels like a dream. There is no doubt in my mind that Malloy is meant to be home with us – he loves us immensely and I have no words for the happiness he brings.


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