Adoption – A detailed look at our adoption process

Adoption – A detailed look at our adoption process

I discussed the adoption process briefly when I talked about Malloy’s homecoming, but decided to write a post discussing it slightly more in-depth. If you are interested in reading about Malloy’s transition home and the initial post on his adoption, click here.

I had initially found Malloy on PetFinder while Dan was in class. I had finished my work for the day early and was ready to start my search for the perfect cat. Little did I know, it would take all of fifteen minutes and he would be one of the first cats I saw. I immediately saw his green eyes & white nose/chest, and my heart melted. I read the description for Banana Split, and knew immediately this was the kitty for me. He was three years old, social, snuggly, playful, independent – exactly what I was looking for in a cat. Plus, I knew Dan wasn’t a huge cat-person and wanted to find one that was going to be social and interact with both of us.

Rescue animals are not broken

Doing what I do best, I decided to research PawsCo and their animals to get more information about the shelter and see what other animals they had available. I did come across another kitty, Pacino, who looked similar to Malloy but sounded slightly more timid. I fell in love with his look as well and of course, wished I could adopt both. I knew in my heart Banana Split would be a better “fit” for my hope of an adventurous and traveling lifestyle for my cat, and continued to pray everything would work out.

I waited impatiently for Dan to come home that afternoon and in the meantime, I sent a picture to my mom. Of course, she fell in love and said how handsome he was! Dan came home that afternoon, read the description and said calmly that Banana Split was perfect. I was thrilled and slightly shocked! I emailed the president, Tiana Nelson, she sent along the link for the application, explained the process a little further, and attached another link to more detailed information about the adoption process.

Adoption process - sent to mom
This was the picture I sent to my mom during the waiting process. I took an iPhone picture of one of the PetFinder pictures.

The application didn’t take me long at all and then the waiting game began. I met my brother for dinner that night in Arvada and told him all about Banana Split. I showed him the pictures from PawsCo’s website, and told him how in love I was already. He loved the look of Banana Split as well and loved the idea of harness training.

The next few days went by painfully slow. I remember going to a Pink Floyd Tribute concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre and not even being able to fully relax because I was so worried someone else was going to adopt Banana Split before I got the chance to meet him. I was sick to my stomach thinking about him going home with someone else. I don’t know why, but I was bonded to this sweet boy the second I saw his picture, he was meant for me.

Adoption process - cross paths for a reason

Following that weekend, I received a phone call from the PawsCo adoption team. Taylor explained the adoption process, asked a few questions about me and what I was looking for in a cat, then explained that we could set up a meet-and-greet if I was interested. Of course, I jumped at this opportunity, and she said she would contact me as soon as she heard back from his foster mom.

Back to the waiting game…but this time, I was slightly more relaxed knowing we were going to have the opportunity to meet him.

I rushed around within those next couple days making sure I had a litter box in place with litter ready to be poured, toys to play with, window perches for him to peer outside. I made sure the house was clean and cat-proofed..probably too early, but it helped pass the time.

That Saturday morning, on October 2, 2016, I received an email from Taylor about the meet-and-greet. I was so excited I re-read the email several times to be sure I was reading it correctly. We had the opportunity to meet him THAT afternoon! I double checked with Dan that it would work and quickly sent a reply email.

Taylor also mentioned in her email that we would have the option to take Banana Split home following the meet-and-greet if we felt he was a good fit, or we would have 24 hours to think about it and pick him up the next day if we needed time. I knew in my heart if this little guy was a good fit, there was no way I was leaving without him, but the carrier I had ordered was still on its way. Dan and I shot over to a second-hand store, picked up a used plastic crate, and brought it home to scrub it clean.

Dan and I left the house about twenty minutes til one to give ourselves a small cushion for traffic, getting lost, etc. We pulled into the driveway and I hesitated before getting out, what if this was the wrong place? Dan insisted it was correct and we headed to the door. I rang the doorbell and a young woman walked towards the door and let us in. I saw Banana Split come around the corner and I melted. He was walking right towards us! He stopped and sat in front of Dan and I, we reached our hands out for him to sniff us, and then he nudged us, allowing permission to rub his head. His foster mom gestured for us to sit on the couch where we discussed what we’re looking for in a cat, a little about our living situation, etc. to get a feel for whether or not Banana Split would be a good fit. Meanwhile, he was laying on the ground next to our feet sprawled out across the floor.

We noticed quickly that B.S. was comfortable and decided not to prolong the process any longer. We discussed the paperwork that I was signing and what each bullet point meant, to be sure I was clear on the adoption policies. As I was finishing up the paperwork and payment, Dan went out to the car for the carrier. We sat on the couch for an adoption picture and while the foster mom was in the kitchen getting a treat to coax Banana Split onto the couch, he decided to jump up between Dan and I on his own.

Adoption process - posing on couch

His foster mom said her goodbyes and helped put him in the carrier (he was NOT happy with this part and thrashed around). Malloy was vocal on the car ride home and understandbaly so, he was in an unknown carrier & car with two strange people. But after exploring the apartment and checking out a few toys, it was clear he was learning to trust us.

Adoption process - adoption fee quote
This is Malloy within an hour of arriving at his furever home. After a self-guided tour of the apartment, he quickly found his toys and made himself at home.

We received a follow-up call and email within the first week of Malloy being home, and I have sent multiple check-in emails since. I have also become a volunteer for PawsCo so I am in constant contact with the adoption team. You can read about Malloy’s first month here to see how quickly he has adjusted, and of course, join our email list to be the first to hear about updates & exclusive Pawsitively Me information.

Have you adopted an animal before? If so, how did your adoption process go?

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