Welcome to Pawsitively Me and thank you for stopping by! Here, you will read all about my journey to becoming the happiest, healthiest, version of me with the help of my rescue cat (and ESA) Malloy, and fitness adventure. While my life hasn’t gone as planned so far, I’m a firm believe that everything happens for a reason and am committed to living a life of pawsitivity & gratitude each and every day.

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Malloy’s Ultimate Purpose

Malloy’s Ultimate Purpose

Those who have been following along know that Malloy was the inspiration for my blog and have noticed that we have quite the bond! What most of you probably don’t know, is that Malloy is my Emotional Support Animal (ESA).  I chose not to share this information for so long because I was scared (of what others thought) and didn’t want to feel weak…but I have accepted that sometimes the hardest posts to write are the most beneficial (and connectable) for others to read!

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As I have briefly mentioned before, college was a roller coaster ride and definitely not the four years I expected. While I ended up doing really well, I struggled with myself and ultimately lost touch with who I really am. I began to develop anxiety which ended up getting worse throughout my senior year, but I focused on classes and pushed through until graduation. I moved back to Conway, NH for the summer (where I touched base with my doctor) before moving out west to Colorado.  This was supposed to be my time to relax for a moment and start to figure out my life, but much to my dismay, the anxiety remained. I was hoping after graduation everything would go back to “normal” with the stresses from school being gone, but I remained anxious and feeling unlike myself.

After I moved to Colorado and began to settle in, I started researching emotional support animals (ESA) and their benefits for people with anxiety. I have always been a huge animal lover, and had a feeling an animal could be beneficial, especially because I work from home and am isolated for most of the day. I discussed this idea with my doctor and parents, and we all came to the agreement that one could ultimately be helpful and definitely couldn’t hurt.

Finding Malloy took no time at all (you can read our adoption stories here & here). When I saw Malloy’s picture on PetFinder, I knew immediately he was meant to be mine. The entire adoption process took a week from the time I initially found him to the day he came to his furever home, even though it felt much longer at the time. Everything from our meet-and-greet to his settling in has been seamless, which solidifies my feeling that he was meant to be with us. 

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It’s no secret Malloy and I have bonded since day one. Within the first few hours of him being home, he was snuggling on my lap on the black couch in the (now old) office. He slept snuggled up as tightly as possible to me under the covers the first night he was home, and continues to snuggle close by every night. He’s like my little shadow and follows me everywhere, even if it’s just to grab my phone from the other room or refill my water. Malloy has even been extremely tolerant with all my adventure-cat training in the harness and stroller. Not to mention, we traveled on a plane and stayed in New Hampshire for 10 days within months of him coming home!

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One notable moment I have to share includes one night after Dan and I had an argument. We were both very stressed out and overtired, thus, took it out on each other. I went into the bedroom (Malloy followed of course), shut the door and laid down on the bed where I silently shed a few tears. Before I knew it, Malloy was on the bed and licking my face. Then, he proceeded to grunt (he’s a vocal kitty and loves to make little grunting noises to communicate) and throw himself against my chest for snuggles. We stayed snuggled up tightly for at least half an hour and he didn’t leave my side for the rest of the night. It was almost as if he knew he was my ESA.

To say he has succeeded in his role as an ESA (and continues to everyday) is an understatement. This little guy not only keeps me smiling all day long, but Dan can’t help but laugh at everything he does, and I know my family (and Dan’s) is obsessed with his quirkiness. He has such a big personality and is not afraid to show a little sass or talk back when he wants something. The little things Malloy does on a daily basis – like barge into the bathroom every.single.time I’m in there and hop on the counter for “head bops”, or trip me because he’s running so fast (and aggressively) into the kitchen each and every time I walk in that direction – make me not only roll my eyes, but smile and laugh. We may not get much sleep around here anymore, but Malloy is worth it in my eyes, he has changed my life for the better!

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Since getting Malloy, I have kept this quote very close to my heart, “those who say money can’t buy happiness have never paid an adoption fee”, and I feel strongly about it. Rescuing Malloy has definitely improved my anxiety and keeps me from feeling lonely while Dan’s gone during the day. His constant galloping and clown-act for attention are sure to brighten my day every single time!

Never paid an adoption fee

Do you have an animal, rescue pet, or ESA that has changed your life?