How I Keep My Indoor Cat Entertained, Stimulated & Happy

How I Keep My Indoor Cat Entertained, Stimulated & Happy

My mom was in town Veteran’s Day weekend and helped me spruce up the apartment and make Malloy a corner. I had been planning on creating a dedicated space for him but was searching for the perfect cat tree and wasn’t willing to settle! I think giving Malloy an interactive space dedicated specifically to him is so important, especially being an indoor cat. My biggest goal being an indoor cat-mom is making sure that Malloy stays as entertained, stimulated and happy as possible!

We have always had cats growing up and my mom was big into gardening, so she kept cat mint and cat grass in the garden for them to eat and roll around in. Throughout the winter she brings a small amount inside and plants them so they can continue having fresh greens year round (another important element to stimulate cats).

We found cat mint and cat grass at PetSmart along with a double dog bowl feeder to plant them in. While we were looking at cat trees a kind woman approached us and explained how she had a gently used cat tree that her cat was now too old to use. She offered it to us for less than half the store price and she only lived fifteen minutes from the apartment (five from the store!). We were blown away with her kindness, it especially made me happy with all the negativity going on in the world!

When we got the cat tree home Malloy was playing and resting in it before we had time to clean it up. He absolutely loves it and I see him utilizing every element throughout the day. The height is perfect so Malloy can see out the sliding glass doors and over the balcony…another perfect spot for watching the squirrels and dogs outside!


Earlier in the week we found a piece of rustic wood and tin letters from Hobby Lobby spelling M-A-L-L-O-Y that we made into a sign and hung on the wall. I also had an old wooden artichoke box from Goodwill that I decided to store some of his toys in. Of course I wanted him to be able to access all of them without needing our help, so I decided to turn it on its side. By the time I was ready to take pictures of his corner, the majority of his toys were missing from the box…typical Malloy.

With the addition of his Catit fountain and food tree I found from Amazon (details can be found in this post from earlier) and a couple colorful owl place mats I already had from Walmart, I am thrilled with the way it turned out! And I know Malloy is very happy with his new corner!

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  • Your cat it adorable! I wish we could go on a play date with my baby, Isaac. Haha! I always see these cool cat corners and having plants inside, but I never thought to do it myself.

  • Does your cat just munch on the cat grass without pulling it out of the container? I have bought grass several times but no matter what I do they pull grass/soil right out of the container and I’m left with a mess. On a positive note my boy cat loves fresh spinach and comes running whenever he hears me open the bag!

    • I’ve never thought to give Malloy spinach, I’ll have to get him some! So far, he hasn’t pulled any out. I have noticed small amounts of soil but for the most part it stays right on the placemat I have underneath. My mom puts rocks in the planter to prevent our family cat from digging in the dirt, that would be my place to start if Malloy starts pulling & making a mess!

  • I visited and bought two suction cup shelves. I was so excited to get them but later realized they are slightly bigger than my windows….I found that adhering one to my front door solved the problem, plus as an added bonus, it’s up off the floor enough so the two cats have their space and the dogs can lounge below them

    • Thank you! And thank you for stopping by! Malloy loves his grasses, I’d love to get him a few more to have a variety, but I’m thinking that should wait until we have more space I’m so excited to hear about your site, I’ll have to check it out! I’m having so much fun connecting with other cat parents through blogging

  • I know you bought it used, but do you have any idea what brand and/or model that cat tree is? I’ve been shopping for one for our cat Argo for ages, and the one in your photos is PERFECT.

    • Unfortunately, I have no idea the brand or model. I did a bunch of research trying to find one (even similar) with not too much luck, sorry! I did see a good selection on, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you about the quality :/

      • Well thanks for the reply 🙂 I’ll keep my eyes peeled for one like this, and who knows maybe I’ll just build one myself! I’m loving your blog btw; keep up the good work!

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